Pissed off.

oh well.
During school, it's a bad day for me.
I wonder what's wrong with some people, their thinkings are like WTF?
Biang, i blasted today, bullshit you.

So yea, i've got something to say.
What's linking? Well, to me, linkings means "convenience"
It's like a shortcut that let you have easier access to a website without memorising their links.
And i only link people when their blogs are nice or i'm close friends with them.
But wtf, you're forcing me to link you? When i'm not even close to you? When i don't even like you that much? When i dont go to your blog often? When i dont even wanna link you?
You told me you wanted me to link you to show the rest of the people know that i am friends with you again!
You're using me to show the people that i'm friends with you!?
oh wtf, you think back lah. Don't you think you're so, childish -_-

You even ask me to give you presents in PS.
Yeah, i post about giving people things in PS, but that doesn't mean i have to give to you!
You will always go:"where's my present in ps?"
oh, thick skinned man.
I just want to tell you that, your link is not important to me.
I can still live, kick play like crazy without knowing your link!
i can't believe you still did not change after all these.
Your pattern, always remains. bahh..
..5minutes later...
You don't have your own thinking leh!!
First, you name your pet, milkpoop
Which is linked to milkypoop, name named by Joanne.
Now you name your pet baby poo!?
Trying to copy my poopoo is it!!
You bloodyhell, all you know is copy!
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