i must finish my hw!

did i just scare you off? i took this pic when i was bored playing with the torchlight during the night..
i think it's freaking scary so i think it's best if you don't play with it lah.
you might never know whether you caught something. get what i mean? haha.
i'm currently waiting for the smileys' owner to reply because i was asking permission to use it xD
not my current one, the other one :)
i'm lazy to use my current one because i'm in a rush because of my freaking hw!(read last para.)

pet society
pet society is getting a lil boring to me because i don't know what other things to do in it lah.
i realise that many people are using cheats now :o
my ps is starting to be very very lag because of people putting everything in one room. and the everything refers to the same thing!(e.g: bears, jukeboxes, lips)
you don't have to show your richness to everybody by putting everything into one room luh.
but i think some people are really nice because they help people around to fufil their wishlist when they're extremely broke :)
i think it's kinda difficult to buy something expensive like lip.. because getting 20k isn't easy! and just because of one lip you spend all your coins?

i'm getting more and more lazy to use ps so i'll be studying and finishing my piles and hills and mountains of my hw. it's a miracle that i can keep 2 weeks of my hw you know o.o
i don't know how i did it but anw, i have to finish it by sunday.
i swear i'm gonna finish it!!!
so good bye :)

You know what i just realised? many people love to make navigation for "click here to continue to my profile"
"Click here for more"
in their profile/links or whatever place lah.
it's getting very irritating lah, i don't need credits.
credit ain't gonna give me money!
credit ain't gonna give me more pink things!
credit ain't gonna be enough!!!!!
i hate this you know? change a different way of your navi lah!
the easiest way to know whether is it you or not is very simple.
just fucking ask yourself did you step into my blog, get the idea, and fucking copy it.
i think one day, i'm so gonna change link and private my blog.
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