I need a stressball

Nowadays no new engoish songs so i downloaded quite a few korean and jap songs.
Not bad but it's just that i don't understand wth they means
I'm also hearing thailand songs, currently hearing "hai"
Thats not the real title tho, but i know the meaning of the song so i just gave that song with my own title.

This song is about someone who wants to cry yet can't cry out,
heart full of sorrows but what to do? i want someone to be beside me, hear my thoughts and let me cry.
go on, cry. cry...

Thanks mummy for the translation
Well, thats what i actually feel now, maybe thats why i like that song.
i'm not used to crying on someone's shoulder so ya, i need a listening ear.
No, i'm also not used to crying infront of people, so i'll just cry under my blanket.
so yeah, bye.

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