Nothing much happen today, just a short post posting here
Nowadays people keep asking me how to get into cyworld, get this straight!
I did not get in by MYSELF, i got it from help also and i was told not to reveal the way, so don't ask me anymore.

Secondly, people ask me how make cbox skin? I do not know how to do cbox skin either!
I'm still learning so do not ask me how! My previous cbox skin is done by Amelia but do not go and pester her because she do not do cbox request, how lucky am i huh? Hehe

Lastly, my smileys are sent by kind souls! I was told not to share so sorry!
No, i'm not selfish, i'm just respecting other people's hardwork in finding it

Today i got such a big fright!! I was having english lesson in the school library today, chatting and doing the work happily until my sis called me.
She told me my com REFORMATTED when she on the com!! She shouted JIEJIE!! THE WHOLE COM NO MORE!! EVERYTHING NO MORE! LIKE NEW COMP!! My heart sank. Nono, drowned, dead, DIED!!! I was like, fuck!! My blog codes!! My blog resources, my blog.. MY BLOG!!!! MY FONTS!!! I almost break down, i almost cried okay! Shit la, i know its childish to cry because of a com but you dont know how important my blog stuffs is!
My com can die, but not my stuff inside!

I called my sis to restart the com but she said she need to go down and follow my mum to buy some stuff downstairs.. While waiting for her to call me, i'm so anxious man. And then she finally called back after around half an hour and shouted THE COM IS BACK!! This good news really make me wanna fly.

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