Pretty doll

Ever played dress up dolls games? Well, i just played yesterday while chatting with Wendy! Well, people may think it's childish but one thing i like to play with them is because the dolls are so pretty! Don't you think!?
This doll is dressed up by me anw.. I love her hair and i'm gonna curl my hair like hers in the future!!
I love her top, her ribbon, her geek specs, her everything! Now this is what i call a true beauty!

Had SS, Physics and Biology common test today. Gonna take POA's test tommorow! I'm so gonna die! Someone give me the answer sheet please! Hahas! Joking~

Will be posting up some dressed up dolls dressed by me in the next post, i love pretty girls, maybe it's because i envy them. Well, beautiful things are what i love

Normally, there's only one, but why there's two in my mind? Oh no.
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