Hot doll

Hahas! Didn't know so many bloggers love to dress up dolls too! I think among all, this doll is the HOTTEST! Whatever clothes i put on, it's still so pretty! Even without fancy clothes

I'm gonna say once here, all these dress up doll games are found by random sites, some are from my sis, who's only p6 so its kinda reasonable why she got all these games! Whenever she onlines, she'll just start playing games So sometimes i'll just throw her out of the chair and dress up one for myself And even if you found a site about it, don't copy me blogging about this, because i believe very less number of people play this game! Even tho they play, they do not blog about this lah So you know what i mean!

POA test today is.. bahh, skipped.
Tmr's the last 2 papers, Mathes and Geog. I use to go high whenever it's geog paper or whatsoever, but now, it feels so stranger to me and i will always go like this >>
Mrs Tan told me that:"You are one of my A1 Geog student so you better don't fail." Haha, think i'm gonna disappoint her even tho i told her i will do well for common test. Haha, sorry lah!
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