All because of stupid P.E lesson i had today.

Did nothing much today, but i can only remember the part that Liyana and natassja were quarelling over my book, ROMANCE (thats the title anw)
Both of them, including me, love romance story books Hahaha, it's really funny the way they argue and i laugh like mad today during class
The book has many different short romance story and i think till now, my fav one was "The Double Decker Bus" which is also Liyana and nat's fav.
I wanted to read the rest of the stories but dang it. I left it under my school table

Common test is finally over, okay i know i'm slow because it had already ended on Wed. YOU KNOW WHAT I SO WANNA DO?
I want to spend money. And spend money. And still.. SPEND MONEY.
Probably around next week? I'm so gonna splurge. hahaha, too exaggerating..
okay, bye.
I realise i have been updating everyday, isn't that good?

나는 나가 당신을 잊는 것을 시작하고 있다는 것을 생각한다. 나는 다만 비록 나가에 바라지 않더라도, 나를 의지 진짜로 희망한다
Don't bother translating to english.
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