No mood

School's a lil not too good today. skipped
have been borrowing english textbook from Wee ann nowadays, too lazy to go and buy since our english teacher don't use it much.
So i'll just borrow from Wee ann!!
I'm so not use to his "want english textbook ah?"
"you need it now?"
I'm so not use to his that inocent face because normally he'll just keep screaming S name whenever i walk past him
haha, but thanks anw you better lend me till the end of 2009!!
Slacked with friends after school today and we played like mad. Hahaha.

Recieved alot of halloween items from Wendy!
Thanks so much because i just don't dare to trade with people from forums Anw, hope you're fine after tmr's news and buy your wanted expensive thing

Not really in the mood now, i don't know why either.
Feel sad but don't even know what i'm sad about
Maybe it's because of the second guy. I don't know.
But i'm sad over something, mixed troubles.
I.. dont.. know..
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