The flower arrangement i did ytd

School was fine i guess?
It's really funny how me and merlyn chiong for our POA worksheets
She's noisy yet a really very fun and funny friend, i love you merlyn

Before going for biology lesson today, wee ann made S did some retarded acts and it's seriously fugging funny. I use to think that he was a arrogant ah beng, hahas! Actually he's not that bad eh? Hahas!

POA today is a total RUSH. We copied like crazy and yup, it's still fun afterall

okay, i'm out of things to post.
Currently searching for music cause i wanna change my blog song
Alios people.

I miss sunshine alot!
It have been 5 months since we last saw each other!
Therefore, i'm meeting with her tmr!
i miss alot of people..
i miss jessica, my new thailand friend in 2008.
i miss (?), my childhood guy.
i miss (??), my..
i miss (???), my...
i miss (????), my...
uh huh uh huh.

I miss you calling me (??)
You've changed so much actually..
Just read (??)'s blog,
나는 당신이 그녀를 순전히 사랑하는 방법을 미워한다
난이 모든 상황이 끝날 때가해야할지, 그러나..
난 못해.. )))));

but it's all the past. SOON.
i hope
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