meetups with yueling

It's the last day of school today!
Well, not that excited or happy because i won't be able to see someone
i skipped P.E today, again..
i did not pay attention to physics lesson today, again..
my parents did not meet my teacher today, again..
and yes, my parents have never ever, seen my teacher during "meet-the-parent-session" thingy. WHY?
Because my dad is working and my mum don't understand english.
Heard that taysusu? don't bug my holidays with phonecalls okay
okay, and this is going to be the second time i'm saying this.. it's the holidays and.. i know i'll miss him.

I met up with yueling as i've mentioned in my previous post
We just chatted about our primary school childhood guys and somehow.
whenever we meet, we'll just start talking about love.
it's cool uh huh uh huh? because i don't talk to people about love except her
So, we just snap pictures and just chat and chat and still chat

I change a lil of my blog again..
I removed the navigation part as i find it kinda, whats that called? whatever
So yea, every navi you click, below will have back to blog so you'll be able to get back to my entries

There's problem with my comp again and thanks azaria + doris for helping me
i finally finish reading "i believe you" by low kay hwa today during physics lesson (which is why i did not pay attention)
and oh! i like this:
"I am just like the sun and you're the flower.
I'll provide sunlight for you to blossom.
sometimes, clouds will prevent me from reaching you.
but you'll know that i'm always trying to reach you."

okay. i'm ending my post here.
and this is the third time i'm saying this, it's the holidays now
and i know..
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