Happy birthday in advance to pailin!


well, it was ytd's happening and it don't seems to on at all..
but i'm glad everything is okay now, i'm just worried about my fonts and resources sites saved, hahaha.

I've changed some small lil parts of my blog.
- credits changed
- added one faq about pop up message
- added "about" in site navi
- added "others" in site navi

Thank you baoling for sharing with me disable drag drop codes for both ie and ff!!
mine only work in ie at first, but now it worked both in ie and ff!!
woah, so thankful to her

tmr i'm going out with my auntie and cousins to somewhere..
i don't know where is it, and i'm not sure whether will i have time to update tmr.
if i'm able to online, i'll update
and oh, happy birthday to pailin in advance, so if i wasn't able to wish her tmr, i'll wish her now and hope she like the gift i gave her

okay, see you readers tmr
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