Will it?

Just a short post here.. Blogger seems to have some kind of error i think because i can't load pictures! Anw, lessons today was so retarded because the stupid boys(melvin & Zhijian) keep putting staple bullets on nat, me and the girl's seats!!
But they're just so superb obvious by the look of their face so whenever they put those killing staples on our seats, we'll just know and off the staple bullets fly to their faces
But it was fun laughing with them like lunatics

POA lesson was also fun but it sucks alot when the boys behind us just yak yak yak non stop!! Can't they at least shut their mouth for 1min!? actually i hope they could just go mute forever *laughs
Weird liyana again say stupid things, she just keep saying this sentence and i swear it was damn retarded and funny!! Look at her face and reaction whenever she says:
"actually i'm thinking of something but i don't know what i'm thinking."

This sentence really make me wanna kill liyana because she'll just spit this sentence out whenever she's not paying attention to what we're saying
I know liyana will be reading this and i can be so sure that she'll be laughing like a retarded infront of her laptop

i'm glad second guy is gone..
but first guy will soon be a stranger to me and i wonder..
am i happy? or will i start missing him like shat.. ..
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