It's a boy girl thing

I'm so loving this show!
It's It's a boy girl thing
Maybe this is a old show but i happen to watch this show while i was punching on the remote control
It's about a show that the boy and girl got switched and i think before that, they were not in very good terms..
But they became lovers in the end
I love this show!! Hahaha, maybe because it's romance, heheh
And the girl is so pretty, that guy is so coooooool~~~
Once the show finish, i immediately search for the website, hahaha!
Which is the one above

Next topic
I'm feeling better alr, thanks to the people who tagged me and in MSN
And thanks Doris for sending me cursors!!
it's so cuute and i've changed my destop cursor to the bunny..
Doris will know which one
okay, i'm going to school tmr, can't wait to see natsy and ah mer..
Hehe! See ya!~
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