PSME drawings

I'm back from school, yes. From school. (i almost skip today's school again)
I'm getting more and more lazy uh, i wonder why.
Maybe i'm still in holiday mood
Today's post gonna be boring..
Read it at your own risk!*

Lessons today was kinda boring today, but PSME was fun!
We had to draw a symbol/picture of something to represent your best/goodfriend(s) in my class.
I drew a chuckie to represent Natsy(girl) because she laugh like one.
A tortoise to represent Ah mer(girl) because she love tortoise and green.
A giraffe to represent Aravingh(boy) because he's tall!
A lips to represent Ziyi(girl) because she's honest.
A soccer ball to represent Melvin(boy) because he love playing soccer.
A star to represent Khidir(boy) because he's popular among malay girls and he's a good chairman.
Natsy drew a bunny to represent me, LOL!
I wanted to draw alot of people de, but i duno what's stopping me.
But if we're allowed to draw people from other class, i confirm one paper not enough one

AND! I think i'll nvr forget what happen today.
It's fugtard malu

Why is it always last minute? :(
ahh boy..
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