Short post today.
School was kinda fun except my messy hair
We've got 2 free periods for english because our english teacher was on leave
My class malay boys were playing with guitar and i was busy chatting away with Natsy
We were laughing like idiots again and gossiping about "that girl"
Yes! It's her! WHY! Why must she think this way?
I wonder what's wrong with her, she's like.. a total stranger to me whenever she walk past me, and now she's jealous or something?
urgh, bah.
Nvrm my natsy, you still rock.
Yiu niu? (((:

I just chatted with that stupid bully yew wei again just now.
And i didn't know that he watch BOF!!
So he was like whut?
"That ji hoo is from boys over flowers right?"
"The jun pyo is better.. JUN PYO!!"
Hahahaha, stupid yew wei.
And his english is like.. powderfool
And yew wei~ your dimple very cute worhszxc.
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