shit march

Seems like march really is a terrible month for alot of people.
4 more days, it'll be april.
I hope it'll be a better month for me uh

Proper post
okay, shut upszxc..
I'll start with a proper post instead.
Today's school was okay also. Guess the best lesson was P.E?
We have to do the five stations thingie and we're separated from boys
And yes! I definately hate to do those stations with guys staring and teasing the girls.
I never like P.E, but today, it's special
Natsy totally make me laugh like shit during P.E, so do Ziyi.
And this, brighten up my day
but his smile brights my day more*

And for the korea drama, i think it's BOF instead of BBF!
I'm busy nowadays to watch that drama uh.
I'll be watching it today. Till 11PM something i guess?
Since tmr is Sat
oh! And not forgeting.
Thanks Amelia, Doris, pailin, you all will know what i thank you all for
Thanks pailin again for the fonts.
Thanks doris again for the BOF pics and many many many more!

You're the cutest when you smile.
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