I decided to do this quiz in Amelia's blog since i'm waiting for BOF's videos to load.
I think in the end Jan Di will be with Jun Pyo eh?
But i want Jan Di to be with Ji Hoo ))))));

All 21 people must do unless they don't have a blog. It's optional though.
Write the 21 names of people you can think of.

1. Amelia
2. Joann
3. Wendy
4. Irene
5. Ziyi
6. Pei san
7. Azaria
8. Sophia
9. Baoling
10. Doris
11. Agnes
12. Steph
13. Pailin
14. Bach
15. Joanne
16. Jessie
17. Natsy
18. Ray
19. Liyan
20. Yew wei
21. Merlyn

How did you meet 7 ?
When i was sec2.

What would you do if you and 15 have not met ?
Then i'll miss those talks we had xD

What would you do if both 1 and 20 had dated ?
Hahahah! *laughs* Yew wei with my cyber friend? No wai.

Have you ever seen 17 cry ?
Not really, just her watery eyes.

Would 4 and 16 make a good couple ?
No wai.

Do you think 11 is attractive ?

What is 2's favourite colour ?
*JENG JENG JENG* It's pink and purple!

When was the last time you talked to 9 ?
Hours ago.

What language does 8 speak ?
English & Chinese.

Who is 13 going out w/ ?
Not sure. But PAILIN! Look here! * V!! *

What grade is 16 in ?
p6. Hahahaha.

Would you ever date 17 ?
YES >;] Hahah! No lah XD

Where does 18 live ?
Idk, forgot ><"

What is the best thing about 4 ?
Funny and pretty? :D

What would you like to tell 10 right now ?
You're a reallyyyyy good cyber friend! She helped me so much uh!

What is the best thing about 20 ?
He ish no thing goOd >;]
Haha! ok la, funny i guess?

Have you ever kissed 2 ?
No, hahah! We use *JENG SHING* power (((((:

What's the best memory of 5 ?
Idk? Maybe the time she's with handsome guys, hahaha!

When is the next time you are going to meet 4 ?
I'm not sure. Maybe AMK hub, hahas!

How is 6 different from 7 ?
One wear specs, one don't.

Is 2 pretty ?
OF COURSE! *Jenged!*

What was your first impression of 15 ?
Friendly ((((:

How did you meet 3 ?
Cyber world (((:

Is 15 your best friend ?
Cyber world good friend ((((:

Do you hate 12 ?
No!~ She's my blog idol leh ((((:

When was the last time you saw 16 ?
I see her everyday, RAH! Hahas~

Have you been to 5's house ?
Yeah, haha.

When is the next time you will see 10 ?
Never seen her before >///<

Are you close to 11 ?
Hmm, okok :D Hahas! (((:

Have you been to the movies w/ 4 ?

Have you gotten in trouble w/ 8 ?
Er, don't think so..

Would you give 19 a hug ?
- Hahah! Yeah! *Liyan my chio classmate* ((((:

When have you lied to 3 ?
Nvr lied to her before, haha.

Is 11 good at socialising ?
Guess so, yeah ((:

Do you know a secret about 8 ?
Haha! Hmm, i think no, hahas.

Describe the relationship between 12 and 18 ?
Don't know each other.

What is the best thing about your friendship w/ 9 ?
She's helpful! Helped me with blogging stuff too (((:

What's the worst thing about 6 ?
Hmm, nothing? Haha.

Have you ever had a crush on 12 ?
Nope, haha.

How long have you known 2 ?
Just got to know her ((((((:

Does 11 have a bf ?
Yeah! :D

Have you ever wanted to punch 1 in the face ?
Haha! of course.. NOT! :D

Has 21 met your mum ?
Think so XD

How did you meet 11 ?
Cyber world (((:

Have you ever accidentally physically hurt 3 ?

Do you live close to 7 ?
Quite, not so close, not so far. Haha.

What is 8's favourite food ?
Hmm.. I dont know leh! >//<

What kind of car does 1 have ?
Toy car.. haha! No lah.

Have you ever travelled anywhere w/ 9 ?

If you gave 14 $100 what would he/she spend it on ?
Idk :x
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