I hate 3 for $1

Today is really a long day.
I forgotten to bring my tie today, what a good start of monday.
But luckily i wasn't caught by that tigress, liyan will know who i'm refering to
There's bio test today and i funking forgotten about it.
And yup, it's a fail for sure, that whole paper's topic is what i don't understand the most. Such good luck i have today
The whole mathes lesson today is a bore. Me and ziyi were just chatting about some stuff and yup. That's when i realise, i can't forget. A friend like you *skipped*

Stayed back today for poa supplementary today till 5.45PM
I'm happy i understand the topic "partnership" for poa
Time flies today for poa supplementary because we were are doing the worksheet that auntie goh gave us, uh hmm.
Then i bused back home with ziyi, liyan and merlyn.
The bus is veryyyy noisy, why? why yea it's us. Hahaha.
We were laughing about "3 for $1".. only we all know eh?
It's really hilarious And the mrt is very full today, i wanna faster go home, so tired
Gotta do my poa homework later and i'll try to study for geog.
yup, i hate geog already.. i'm very angry today during geog sup okay.
I don't understand a single shit the teacher is talking at the behind behind part *i'm thinking of letting go combine humanities..which i shouldn't be thinking of this!!! Get this idea off your mind lisa*
I miss pailin and wendy.
It's kinda long since i last talk to them
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