Jigoku Shoujo

“5 more days”

Rotting at home doing nothing so i watch horror shows.
My mother borrowed a horror CD from her friend! It's titled "cinderella"
Well, i give stars out of five.
It's not scary at all.
After that i surfed the net, i'll blog about it below

Which is only 10.17AM, i am blogging, ha-ha-ha.
Yesterday, while i was surfing the net, i decided to watch BOF again
I'm only in epi 17 for now and while i was watching, i suddenly feel like watching anime.
I feel like watching JIGOKU SHOUJO.(my fav anime)
I've watched season 2 last year, i did not watch season 1 because i can't find it.
And so, i was surfing and surfing when i found jigoku shoujo!
But it's not the anime version, it's uh.. live action. Whatever it is.

The first one is the anime, the second one is the uh.. live action. Aiya, i don't know how to explain lah!
I've watched the first episode of the live action one and i think it's still.. okay?
I'm still deciding whether should i continue watching it because i still prefer the anime one!!! I'm still finding!
Sigh, maybe i shall watch it in youtube
FYI, i dont like youtube, don't ask me why. Because i also don't know. Ha-ha-ha!
Guess i'll watch BOF when the "feel" is back again
If you wanna watch the live action one, click on the picture.
You'll be teleported there.
And anw, i've edited my profile navi, spot the difference.
okay bye!

[edit]I've edited my table bgs!
And i've also uploaded some smileys into my tagboard
I just realised that 5 more days is my blog's 2years old(01-05-2009)
I'll edit this post if there's a need later on
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