Restaurant City!

School today was okay and did nothing much actually.
During GEOG lesson today, my chair got missing as it was stolen from some moronic idiots
I just go to the toilet to retie my hair and when i came back from class.."POOF!!" It's gone!
Hahaha, then Linda went to help me take one chair from their class.
Stanley's chair got missing too(because it was stolen from Aini XD) and so he went with linda.
I wanna waste time so i followed along also. Then linda saw me going with them and she suddenly U turn back and said:"Eh? You come also ah? Then you go take!" I was like "HEY!" and we were playing "catching" outside 4A1's class(which is Mdm Faridah's class, gosh)
I tell you, it's freaking hilarious! When Stanley saw me and Linda going back to class, he said:"Don't want, don't want~ I don't want take alr~"
Hahaha! Then linda scolded him, haha! Linda sure is one cute jajaja
AND SO! To avoid people from stealing my chair, i "vandalised" my chair by writing my name on it
This Zhi Jian kpo want to see what i write and pretend to stand behind me, haha!
Hmm, POA was fun today too because me, NATSY, and other girls were just playing around and laughing

I'm currently addicted to the game "Restaurant City"
It's kinda fun when you earn lotsa money but it sucks when you're totally broke and can't buy anything
Bye bye pet society! oh no way!
I'm still playing it okay! And the new items are like, whoa! Very cute ji!
I go "" when i saw that dreamy princess bed! (was it spelled that way?) and the cute animal chairs
oh that DPB, it's 5k! 5k.. 5k.. 5k.. (chanting like never ending...)
okay! Back to RC(Restaurant City)
Thanks Wendy for the chairs and tables!
My "Happy Lab" seriously lack of table and chairs lor! So tqtq~
And i got my MSN nick and restaurant cafe name from Amelia's resource site!
It's very cute ji okay

I'll continue my BOF when i'm free or maybe during sats and suns.
okay okay! Sorry for my oh-so-not-interesting post.

P/S: I love Linda the cute!
P/P/S: Thank you Natsy for untie-ing your pony tail
P/P/P/S: I love... TODAY
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