I'm tired, but i'll blog anyway.
(i'm waiting for rc workers to get energy from resting)

Chinese today was okay even tho it's 2 periods.
But time was kinda fast as we're doing 私函
Bio is very werry lerry boring. I want ms lee back so much, she's my favourite pretty teacher
Borrowed a brown pen from yew wei today because i lost mine, sad yiu niu as thats my favourite pen. bahhh~~
oh i love mathes! *FOR TODAY ONLY
Because it's 2 freaking free periods!! So i was chatting and laughing around with mer, natsy and ziyi. We were nail polishing, playing with pink white and black nail polish(s) It's really dang funny when chatting and playing around with them
English is okay because we're just doing compres from english textbook

Stayed back for bio supplementary.
Was sitting with sophia at first then me and sophia don't know how to do so we jumped to yew wei's seat Then this stupid hewson kpo come sit also, hahaha.
Stupid yew wei and hewson, keep bullying me only
I like hewson's straight fringe and yew wei's dimple!!! Hahaha!
And yew wei owe me one brown pen because i made spoiled his.
Don't make sense right? Hahaha! Because i got no more brown pen to use already so he must buy for me
I'm just joking actually.. i said that just to irritate him, bwahaha
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