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Just got back from POA sup today, and i did not pay attention in class at all I kept laughing with Merlyn, Thumb and Ziyi

Then i bused 859 to Yishun because i wanna but my horoscope book but it was out of stock!!! Then we walked around yishun and i saw mediacorp people acting! Some sort of advertising a cake shop i guess

Ziyi spotted the camera while i saw 许振荣 & 潘玲玲!! Well, i saw 潘玲玲 at my house downstairs mcdonalds before and i even took picture with her husband Did not take picture with 潘玲玲 because she said she didnt put on make up that day.. bahhhh~

okay so yea, i want my horoscope book so much
I'll be going out with Charlene soon anw, haha.

Will be helping my cousin with her project later on.. (Her drawings are so cool!! Gotta blog about it someday!) I played with her webcam ytd while helping her something, its very cool And the effects are so funny..

The cousins
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