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I've got nothing to blog but i'll blog ArNiiEwAy(it's anyway).

MT today is okay even tho my workbook sucks like hell, haha!
Lucky Liyan never copy from me
POA= fed up I don't understand what the heck is teacher talking

Then the remaining 4periods are free periods! Wee!
Natsy and me were kinda "loitering" around the corridors and Melvin threw paperballs at me! It's so freaking painful, i wonder how the heck he made it so hard!!! He never fail to make me scream when that paperball bombs at me

And oh! Something stupid/disgusting happened today.
You know, we have to take temperature because of the swine flu thingy eh?

Some of the people's thermometer were with our teacher and our teacher said she'll help to wash the thermometers also.. well, my thermometer wasn't being kept by my teacher because i don't bear to part with it(i used my own freaking money to buy it!!)
And i think the box is kinda unhygienic tho

ok, so back to the point.
Natsy collected back her thermometer and she realised that the themometer wasn't hers!! (even tho it's in her cover that has her name on it)
She went around asking everyone yet no one cares

She was angry of course.
But she have no choice but to take it.
And when she was about to give the thermometer back to our teacher, Melvin found Natsy's thermometer while Mogan was using it!

oh gosh, it's disgusting okay.
Because Melvin said that Morgan knows that the thermometer he was holding belongs to Natsy yet he doesn't wanna admit.
And yea, he just use it
Well, Natsy decided to buy a new one already.

I'm kinda happy today about some stuffs even tho still angry with other stuffs.
I'm gonna blog about it...



IN MY DIARY! Hehehe, wee~

I feel like buying horoscope books all of a sudden ytd.
I'm gonna buy soon, sooon!
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