Stacy & daddy's birthday

ytd- 080509
Darn tired ytd!
I felt so sleepy during chinese and eng paper..
After paper, went out with my cousin and bought stacy's birthday present I almost forgot but luckily charlene's tag about meeting up reminded me!
In fact, everyone forgotten about stacy's birthday until i reminded them(my cousins)

Came back home after that to wrap the present.
Reached khatib MRT station and Gillian pass me the flower i bought from her
Linda was there also, hahaha.

Happy birthday Stacy!!!

Ryan trying to ruin the photo.

I look so darn tan

My fav pic! Look so "together" and candid

other pictures with cousin, will take from her some other time..

Happy birthday Daddy!!

Had steamboat, yumyum

I edited my plurk layout since i'm kinda bored with it already

Anw, if you wanna add me, tell me who are you in MSN or tag me okay!
Because i dont feel like adding strangers..

And i wonder why my blog can't highlight in FF..
I'm so lazy to blog nowadays.. And i miss reading Amelia & Agnes's blog entries

He look darn cute when he smiles ^___^
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