Yeah yeah! I'M BACK!
My blog was closed because i'm having exams
My exams are over now and i freaking don't care much about the results because i already did all i can! I miss blogging so much during hiatus mode manzszxc.

So as you can see, i've changed my blogskin!
Just like what Wendy said, i used my previous skin for a very long time! I love that previously skin alot thats why BUT i love this skin even more! As usual, banner can be found NOWHERE because i edited it.
And as usual, my blog is best viewed in IE! The width are kinda screwed in FF.

Even tho i've stopped blogging during my hiatus mode, i still do get online in MSN luh because i wanna read my daily blogs

I even hunt for even more fonts and resources sites thats why i got the sudden urge to change my blogskin i also found another smiley website.

I hope Amelia and Agnes can open back their blogs! I miss their post lah.
okay, i don't know what to blog for now because i did not blog for such a long time and i totally forgot "how to blog"

okay bye! I will blog tmr!

You might be wondering why my banner is "Pink Kawaii" eh?
Haha! Because if you noticed that my blog's title is in korean right?
Translate it and it stands for Pink kawaii..
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