David Archuleta

Holidays are gonna end!
Do you ever had this kind of feelings like when it's the holidays,
you can't wait for hols to end and go back to school?

But when it's school time, you can't wait for holidays.

I think i have been neglecting facebook and plurk, don't have the mood to touch it, haha. I have been playing "The Sims 2"
It's kinda fun, i get tired of it sometimes but my sis is totally hooked in it

Anw, i'm currently hooked in this song.
it's by David Archuleta.. "Touch My Hand".. His smile is so sweet eh?

I love the chorus and the part he sing "Cause if I do it’ll all be over"

And i can't wait for 4TH JULY because my auntie will be bringing me
to a place that angmohs celebrate something.
So the whole field would be 85% ANGMOHS!
My aim would be...

Take a picture with an angmoh! HAHAHAHA!!
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