Bendemeer and cbox smileys tutorial

Went back to my old home ytd as my mother wanted to find her friend.
My mom told me that it is near Bendemeer which is my old house

I seriously miss Bendemeer alot! I'm currently staying in Yishun and from here to Boon Keng, i think it's kinda far eh?
ishhhhz, Bendemeer changed alot. If i got a chance to move back, i would, haha
And i'll leave NBSS and blah blab blab!

Went to find my childhood bestfriend, SHIYUN while my mum go her friend's house.
Had around 3hours of chatting with her, thinking back our childhood days and
those fun we had, haizzz..
Then we went down and walk around and woah, my primary changed so much! *P/S: I left that school when i was P4...*

I was so busy chatting and walking with her that i forgot to take a picture with her, dangs
After that i went to find my mum at her friend's house and i camwhored abit.

The rest, i'll probably be posting in Facebook

EXTRA *This part is only for certain people*

Some people have been asking me in MSN "how to install smileys into tagboard"
I'll just post here since i'm kinda lazy to reply one by one to all of them.

Create a photobucket account if you don't have one.
If you have, log in and upload the smileys you wanna have in your tagboard.

Log in to your cbox account.
Click on "options" then to "smilies"
You will be having your default smileys at first, click on the "x" to delete them away.
*Click on images for larger view*

Then you go back to your photobucket, copy the "direct link" of your smiley and paste into "URL" of your cbox.

Click on "save" below once you are done.
Still don't understand then find me in MSN again.
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