How to use haloscan?

Went for intensive lesson today but skipped poa lessons..
So Merlyn, Ziyi, Nat & me took bus 962 when suddenly mr foo just pop out of nowhere

So he goes "eh? Why didn't you all go for your poa lesson?"
We just kept ee.. ah.. uh..

While he was still questioning us, Hanis, Hasroy and Melvin board the same bus as us and when they saw mr foo, they just act as if they're so inocent and u-turn back
of course they're caught in the end, bwahaha.

Well, guess we'll be nagged on monday , bah.

Then Melvin wanted to slack with us and we just went to food court and
eat, haha
We were camwhoring alot but i'm lazy to upload because
i'm feeling a little sick now
The food court was damn noisy because of Melvin's music and Merlyn's voice gosh...

I'll edit this post when i have time..

But anyway...

Anyone here knows how to use haloscan?!

Yay thanks steph!
Steph will be putting up a haloscan tutorial in her blog!
The new haloscan is too complicated to understand!
If anyone out there knows how to use the new haloscan system,
feel free to email me! My email
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