Take a break, have a kit kat.

Phew, i think it'll take ages for me to finish downloading my stuffs!
Gimme a break, have a kit-kat.. AND BLOG!
Firstly, i wanna thank Amelia for sending fonts, Kimverlyn for those helps, Miko for those links, Qing for the MSN colour thingie

And lastly.. Sophia ah phia for those photoshop stuffs!
Even though my Adobe Photoshop 7 is gone , my Photoshop CS2 that i got before is not gone!
okay, so is that good or bad or what?
Is Photoshop 7 better or CS2 eh?

okay, i gotta blog fast, i still got lots of fonts need to download

Did not go for intensive lesson today because i still have not finish up that stupid english compo thats about sports idols which i don't even know how the heck to start ( i hope this sentence makes sence gosh.)

And i'm lazy to attend poa, somemore Natsy & Liyan not coming to school.
I hope Natsy get well soon!

Will be editing some stuffs in my blog soon..
I'll be adding my song playlist too
Sorry if this post is so super than superman short.
There's seriously nothing to blog during holidays!
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