open the school gate!

School reopened today, im soo dragging it!
I feel so damn sleepy today, especially during english class
But anyway, guess what.. I'm late for the first day of school...
It's really not on purpose! My hair sucks today so i took quite a long time to tie my hair, heh

I hate to go school with messy hair.. sucks.
My hair today is already ruining my day and what's worst is i'm having 2 red dots on my face
I think i kept looking down today, hahahaha.

As expected, our timetable changed and we have to seat according to class during recess..
It's like we're primary 1 kids, oh geeszxc..
But it's not that bad afterall, because some of us just heck care, hahaha
Nothing much really happened today.. Hehs.

So now i'll continue watching my GAKUEN ALICE!!
Aww, i love NATSUME like alot alot alot alot!!!~
I like hotaru also, she's kinda cool but imagining me having a friend like her,
i think i'll explode Haha.

I love Ruka too, he's so cuute.. Especially when he blushes! Heheh.
Thanks Steph, her post makes me have my mood back to watch Gakuen Alice.
okay bye!


Can't believe im so crazy over an anime character..
okay bye for real, NATSUME~

Anw, i love this video of Mikan And NATSUME
I really love those scenes when Mikan and Natsume were alone tgt.

I love the song too!
Plus all those scenes of Mikan-and-Natsume-only scenes suits it so well.

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