American's National Day!

Hello people!
Anyway, before i start my proper post, i wanna tell you guys that..
I am gonna be an unstable blogger.

That means..
I will suddenly go poof from blogger and then pop out of nowhere again
yup. So don't be surprised if my blog is closed all of a sudden or
i did not update alot okeh?
okay, now for the proper post.

Proper Post

YESTERDAY IS THE BEST! Hehs, you'll know why soon
Went out with my auntie and cousins again, it was kinda boring at the start
because we went to the NEWater Factory

on the way to NEWater Factory.

outside the NEWater Factory

Inside NEWater Factory

Group photo with the SBU people.
Hehe, too bad i'm not inside, HAHAHA.

So while the people are taking their group photo,
me and my cousin camwhored a little instead.

Then there's this glass floor thingy that is very colourful.
Not me in this pic again, HAHAHA.

Free NEWater, i tried it and to me.. i think it taste weird
I just don't know why i don't really like NEWater.

Then now we're on the way to American's National Day in Singapore!
When we reached there, i'm already starting to see ang mohs.. They are so pretttttty!!
Remember my target for going there?
To take a picture with an ANG MOH! *Refer to post on 25th JUNE*
And my target...


THIS IS MY FAVOURITE PICTURE! *The one below this*
I love these 2 girls, they are so pretty!

THIS TOO!! The girl at the left is an American Chinese.

Took a few shots with my cousins.

Then around 0815, there are fireworks but not really clear so i decided not to post.
I love fireworks! It's damn nice~
I find this post so messy.. oops

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