WILD WILD WET! & M.I.A for not long!

okay, sorry for not blogging ytd because i was damn tired!

Went to Wild Wild Wet on sunday, it was superb fun!
It's my first time having so much fun with WATER , yes yes i hate water.
urm.. hmm.. Because i kinda almost got drowned when i was p5, so...
And so whenever there's activities that got to do with WATER , i'll try many ways to get out! Well, of course i succeeded

okay, i was damn scared about the pool's height on sunday.. You can ask my younger sis and cousin, i kept complaining!
But in the end i played and the feeling as if someone/something throwing you down from great height is scary! Hahaha..
I kept playing at the "Lazy Pool" because thats where lazy people gather, LOL! Joking~ It has a "cousin togetherness" hahas..

Then i played the "Tsunami" also, it was kinda fun when the wave comes to you

Well, second reason i like about WWW is..

YOU GET TO SEE ANGMOHS! YES YES!! This is my favourite part to be able to go to wild wild wet!!
The angmohs are so chio! The angmoh guys are so good looking! The angmoh kids are so cute~~ Hehehehe..
If you don't know, but if you're my daily reader, you definately will know..

Then when we are going off, i bought my favourite "Tako Yaki" yum yum~

The next morning, i slept till 12PM, urk.. And i got a bad dream too, haizzz..

Anw, i'll be taking away from tagboard after i replied all my tags..
Just comment me or private message me because i will not be using my com for a few days... Tatas people.
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