30 days of night

Yesterday i was bored so i was punching the remote control again
If i'm not wrong it was around 11PM and i found an interesting movie title "30 days of night"

The movie is not bad and it's kinda scary.. It's a thriller show i think
But too bad i did not watch the front part of the show so i don't really know how the heck these vampires or these blood suckers appear.. LOL.

I think this is in a movie before.. Maybe i'm slow not knowing, haha.

I tried finding the trailer but i think the trailer don't look nice at all
Don't have the "temptation" feeling of watching the show, HAHAHAH.

But anyway!
"30 days of night trailer"

Until the last last part of the show then i know why is the title called 3o days of night

They have to like hide away from those vampires and it's kinda tough because the vampires are kinda clever..

They will search through every house...

& there was one part of the show where the vampires grab one lady to "pretend" to be shouting for help..
which is the part where you will hear "help help.. somebody help me..." in the trailer..
so that the survivors will come out of the house & save the lady..

But of course the survivors saw the vampires hiding at the rooftop waiting for them to come out..

& blah blah blab blab..
so anyway, it's called 3o days of night because they have to survive for 3o days till the sun comes out.. *the vampire are scared of sunlight, they'll be burnt to death*
It's winter at that time.

okay i shall not say that much, watch it if you haven..
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