paper crane day!

I don't wanna blog today but i'll just blog anyway, haha..
Let's rewind back to ytd..

I had my N level English oral, i am seriously so ****ing nervous yesterday!
I did not eat during my break, i did not even go for P.E too.
I'm the first and second is Melvin so he is sitting beside me, he knew i was nervous so he kept on talking crap to make me even more nervous..

I so wanna take a hammer and bang on his head!
In the end, i realise it's aint that bad, so yeah.

Alright, blow away the clouds on your head.
Flash back to today~

During PSME class today, we have to fold paper cranes..
I think it's kinda fun! But tiring also because we need to fold 10 for each person..
Seriously nothing much happen today, haha.

Actually i wanted to webcam with Natassja & Merlyn but i lost my installation CD for the webcam!
Very saddening..

Delete alot of contacts in my facebook account..
From 256 friends to 150 friends.. I don't wanna keep too many people whom i don't know..
I have been playing with the "Typing Maniac" thingy.. Can't remember the title

& Then i got bored so i go find the lyrics for "You're not alone" by Michael Jackson, it's the first song i heard that's sang by MJ, hahaha..
Then i decided to make some MJ icons since i'm bored..

Just click on the icon and right click to save
No credits needed..
Specially for MJ big fans like Natassja nadiah, HAHAHAH!
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