Gakuen Alice.

Second post of the day.
I wanna separate this post from my first post

Just finished watching Gakuen Alice, the last episode is very touching!
I think the part when Mikan's friends helped Mikan to stop Hotaru is very funny
Using the Illusion alice and all those other alices to stop her, yet it failed.

Took quite a few screenshots.

Waaa, NATSUME! ^~^

This guy is good looking too!

So do Reo/Leo! Even though he's bad in the show's role.

This is when i'm watching High Quality in youtube from one user.
Her video's quality are all so clear! Until she stopped at episode 16 then i have to find other users which their quality aint that really clear..

okay, the rest are just my favourite scenes where mostly there will be Natsume in it Heheheh.

The time when Hotaru was "leaving"...

I hope season 2 will be released soon!
I was thinking of buying the cd, hahaha.
Lastly, thank you steph for my return of animes...
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