The Halloween, dolls, !@#$%^&* weirdos?

Hello all earthlings

These few days i'm kinda sad .. I'll blog about it in my private blog.
okay so, back to proper post.


The Halloween..
YES, i also wanna watch this show! It's on channel 58 yesterday, my cousin watched it and she recommend me the next morning..
I'm still waiting for her reply on whether is there a repeat show of it.
It's a thriller show and i like thriller shows!

I still remember the very first thriller/horror show i watched is chuckie
Ever since i watched that show, i don't really dare to go near dolls anymore
So therefore yup, I hate dolls and barbie dolls beside me when i sleep.

And who's that sweet dreams destroyer!? MY SISTER.
She love to place her dolls beside her and as i'm sleeping with her, it's equals to me sleeping with dolls also

of course i told her to put them away, hahaha.
okay but anyway, why doesn't Singapore celebrate Halloween??
Then we can go trick or treating!!!
Hahahaha, then our teeths will rot the next day.


Me & Zenghui was talking about believes of aliens and stuffs.
Do you believe in aliens? Fairies? or any other weird stuffs? I do.

I do believe in fairies, aliens, mermaids, ghosts etc etc
Haha yeah, i'm a supersticious (is that how it's spelled?) person, heh.
They could be hiding in some kind of mamalala planet having their tea, backstabbing about humans and stuffs

Hahahaha! Alright, i'm joking.
But i do believe, hehehe.
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