I love Kim Bum! *updated!*

I'll blog since i'm bored now.
But it'll be a short post

Before i start posting about my crap boring entry, thanks Linda for sending me back home yesterday.
If i'm not wrong, you're the second person to send me back home, right infront of my lift! Haha.

Nothing special up these few days.
I've been watching BOF! It's really sooo addictive!
I'm currently finding icons of it and i'm starting to love Kim Bum so much!
He's soo damn cute! At the ending part of episode 23, they will be showing some wrong scenes and then there was this part

that kim bum said:"I'm sorry! It keep hitting me!"
I seriously laughed like shit! oh, the "it" that Kim Bum was refering to was his tie.
Because of the strong wind, it keep hitting him therefore he laughed

But i still feel sad that Jandi won't be with Ji Hoo!
I still have not watched the ending but i already know the ending because of some spoilers, hehe..

Hmm, i've been downloading some brushes for photoshop and fonts too, very happy about that!
And oh! Thanks Amelia for sharing with me some texture sites too!

And oh anyway, turn on your speakers, i'm gonna put my music playlist after i finish posting this..

okay, i'm off to watch my bof in youtube! Lastly..
*Thanks to all those people who commented in my post!

*updated* no smileys

I just finished watching BOF episode 24!
Feel so sad man! Ji hoo being rejected by Jan di, Ga Eul avoiding kim bum's confessions, Jun Pyo forgetting Jan Di and being so close with another girl!(which i forgot her name)

okay, my next episode is episode 25.
Which is the last episode! And why am i not watching it? Because i don't bear to!
once i finished watching it, i don't have anymore bof episodes to watch already TToTT
Insane much?

I've decided, i'm gonna buy the cd! I'm gonna collect bof stuffs, i'm gonna get bof ez-link sticker!!!!

okay so now what.
I'm stucked in episode 24.
I don't bear to continue, maybe wait till my "high" over then i watch.
Alright fine! maybe i'll watch tmr after i finish studying with Liyana.

So amazing, i'm studying! *pops!*

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