Eclipse? 300 years later!? TT^TT

Did you saw the Eclipse yesterday?
Did you saw the Eclipse yesterday!?

BAHH!!~ I did not!!!
And i can never ever see eclipse anymore because the next one will be in 300 years later!! okay, maybe after my next life then, sobbs..~ oh nono! My next 2 lives!

okay, let's start.
Had 3 periods of POA today, very tiring..
Must keep on hearing Auntie Goh's (it's ms goh actually, but my class calls her that because she's naggy ) voice for 2 hours. suicidal.

Today taysusu never come!! Finally one day he's not in school because i have to(*or instead, my class have to*) see him everyday as he's our form teacher, maths teacher, physics teacher!! Double suicidal!!
So sian and tired of seeing him everyday already, gosh!

Got back my chinese test paper today, even though i got the highest in my class,
the marks still sucks. So not really something to be happy about.
Hmmm what else..
and oh! I almost slept in English class today.
Really very tired, must be because of me watching BOF from monday to wednesday till 12AM! I'm watching it today too, it's really addictive!

And another thing!
Remember my post on 20 July saying that there was this teacher that nags alot?
Today Merlyn said it! She said:"Teacher can you stop your grandmother stories and continue going through the answers!?"
And then our teacher said some alien lang that me Merlyn don't catch anything.
Then after the lesson, she called us three(me, merlyn and ziyi) and talk about some blah blab blab stuffs..

which i dont remember what she said because i was busy looking at the fun stuffs that's on the table(it's biology lab anyway..)
But i can only remember one part! I failed bio for ONCE, freaking once and she say until machiam i always fail (which is so not true!!)and said because i don't speak english!

What kind of shit is this!? That means if i speak english, i'll pass bio with flying rainbow colours? ?
Then after she talk finish, with me with playing with the things on the table, end.
Tsk, fail bio because don't speak english? tsk tsk!!

*please note!
Anw, i decided on something already..
I'll treat my entry comment system as my tagboard also, but it is only related to post/entry!
Because it's like some sort of support(??) to show that there's actually people that reads my blog.

Because i realised that even though people follow your blog, they don't visit your blog nor read your post neither..
So don't be a silent reader! Comment on my post sometimes!

So tagboard is only for.. uh.. what's that called?
a message board or something..
& so.. comments in my tagboard about my post entry, will be ignored!

comment my post comment my post, you happy i happy, we all happy! LOL.
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