Today Linda, Merlyn & Jun Hao want to skip first period because it's Chinese.
They did not do their homework i guess..
& so Merlyn called to me join them also.. And thats when i realied i did not do my Chinese homework either so i joined them, haha!

Met up with Merlyn first then we went to mac to have breakfast while waiting for the 2 of them.
They sure are taking their own sweet time, by the time they reached we have alr finished eating..

okay and guess what, our chinese teacher did not come!
Therefore, we wasted our time to slack at mac PLUS we get demerit points
Great job uh huh.

Anw, few shots of pictures taken during P.E
I played Badminton for awhile then i'm tired already so i went to rest

Warning: Rants.

You know, i seriously don't like my biology class teacher..
I mean, the way she teach is still okay, but what i hate is when she's teaching, she'll suddenly change topic and talk about some stupid stories that's wasting our time..

If it's interesting then still okay lah..
But the stories are freaking boring and she sometimes repeat the stories the next lesson!
Very irritating!!

And sometimes my friends or me talk for awhile like asking questions about the worksheet, she'll just say we girls keep talking..
wth, get your facts right before scolding us lah.

Seriously, whenever she starts her stories, i really wanna tell her to shut up and continue the lesson.. tsk!
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