Smile ^__~

Finally i can get into blogger!
I can actually blog earlier but because i can't access it just now & i don't know why.

& when i can get into blogger, i can't get into photobucket!
I think god doesn't want me to blog today, haha.
BUT, i still did in the end! TA-DAH!

Won't be blogging much about school today, not in the mood to do so.
I feel so sad today! During PSME lesson, i went to the toilet to let my tap water out. (i hope you get what i mean? haha.)
When i go back to class, i feel much better alr.
Anw, we had some kind of group work about Racial harmony Day stuffs.

I go and kaypo kaypo at Haniz, Jun Hao, Nat & Nana's group after i got back from the toilet
Their group cheered me up i guess, i did not feel sad after they talk to me.
I helped them with their work too, because their work are chosen so i helped them to "shine" their work even more. Haha.
By decorating lah, haha

Thanks Li Yan for that cute sms you gave me, haha.
"Speak Thai to be racial harmony. :D :D :D :D smile leh."

I think Li yan is the first to find out i'm not myself at that time.

THIS HANIZ... Said i broke up with my boyfriend, which i don't have one -__-"
Said i nosebleed when i am just cleaning my nose.

Haha, i want to laugh! But no mood to do so, so i just gave him a joking tone
"Shut Up." *inserts ignorant face*

Haha, stupid.
Hmm, thanks to people who asked me what happened?
I'm okay, i'm fine.
Nothing to do with friends, nothing to do with boyfriend -.- Nothing to do with taysusu.
P/S: If you want me to smile, don't talk about this anymore

okay so after that we had free one period because Mr Foo did not come
Therefore, our teacher played some Michael Jackson's videos & songs and this Natassja (Big fan here!) go crazy by screaming here and there.

P/P/S: I love you Liyan ^__~
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