1000 Hits!?

Yikeees, did not blog for 5days. My life is too boring, oh god.

P.E today was kinda fun.
Even though i did not really participate much. Heh.

skipped poa today and went to woodlands, causeway point to shop around.
I will never forget that darn fall i had in the bus today.
I think this is the most embarassing moment i've ever had. dang!
While walking around, my sis ringed me and told me she's gonna give me a surprise
Sounds fishy to me because for 12 years (yes, she's twelve) of living with my sis, her surprises are never good!

And hey guess what, my 24/7 mean sister actually bought me these!!

The favourite shot of Jandi & Ji Hoo! (If you've my daily reader, you would know i've mentioned this before)

I'm not a big fan of Lee Min Ho but this shot is nice! (plus his hair is not permio!)

The poster i bought 2 weeks ago. KIM BUM!! (This shot reminds me of kim bum's after story vid!) The one he bought those roses for Ga Eul and he took photos of him and stick to those roses..

I bought a notebook and stickers as well.
I'll take a picture next time. This post is so rushing!

out of topic
I was bored yesterday so i checked my statcounter. (I changed my counter statcounter through steph's intro)
I was kinda surprised at the number of Page Loads i got per day!
I dont know did my statcounter got haywired or not. But, not showing off here!

From 95 views to 500+ views and to thousand views
I think there's something wrong with my statcounter.
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