Crazy Planets.

one word to start the day: Geography sucks!

After geography paper, which is 0950AM, we are dismissed! Yay!
But it's so damn early so i went to have breakfast(?) with Sophia Kyrine Yew wei Malcolm Joseph.
I seriously cannot eat with Malcolm and Yew wei staring at me.

After that Me Kyrine Sophia went to mac and wait for Yew wei to bring the cards? (actually i don't know what we're waiting for but one thing.. we are very noisy)

Then Yew wei went to Gym and we slacked around.
From Mac > Playground > Stadium > Back to square one.
We chat alot, gossiped alot. Heh.

Actually there's nothing much to blog about today, we're basically just slacking around to kill time.
Since there's nothing to do if we reach home early.

Btw, thanks cheng mun for giving me the BOF poster!
I wuvvvvv it.

Have been facebook-ing nowadays!
I think very less people knows this game. It's by playfish too! (i love playfish games btw..)
I think the robots are damn cute! Crazy Planets on facebook
(I like the gradient of the background anw..)

I wuvvv my fossil planet, HAHAHA!

okay, before ending this post, check out this video!
I love this video alot! Very sweet and the guy is kinda cute.

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