National Day at Padang.

okay, i'll blog for awhile, then check my facebook and viola!
Back to study my darn biology
I gotta pass my biology , i have to prove to my bio teacher that i'm not a "always fail bio" student. which i only failed once and she nagged like blahblabblab

okay, where to start?
A lot of things happened nowadays but i don't have the time/mood to update.
I shall start with my "National Day at Padang" first?
? ? OKAY!

I was informed last minute on 080809 at night that my auntie has jio me go Padang to celebrate National Day.
Was kinda excited at first i guess because i don't have to stay at home spending singapore's birthday by watching TV. HAHAHA.

And so, while taking MRT to Padang, guess what?
Nothing surprising to you all though , I saw ang mohs!!!
YES! oh just let me stay in the mrt watching ang mohs to spend my national day.. okay just kidding!

okay, so when we reached there the first thing is to get your goodie bag.
That person handed me a green bag and i refused to take, haha!
I was eyeing the pink bag. So i was like..

"Don't want, i want the pink one.." *pointing pointing pointing at pink bag..*

Sounds like kid right? But pink bag chio-er (prettier) mah!
And i got my pink bag in the end! *inserts happy happy happy face*

Happy girl... kid? HAHAHA.

Lay your mats! (Is that what it's called? yikes...)
They provided it in the goodie bag.


I named it heartpop.

Last year is torchlight, this year is heartpop and candles.
It's kinda fun passing the fire to everyone beside you.
The thing i dont like is the wax thats flowing down, i'm scared it'll burn me.

Then the fireworks!
Woohoo, i love fireworks but i did not take pictures, lazy to.
I was lying on the mat, enjoying my view of fireworks.

Then when the thing end, everyone was packing and proceeding to the exit gate.
It was freaking crowd! Suffocating man.
Then the people at the back will be like pushing and pushing like nobody's business!
I remembered there's this china lady pushing and i was like..

"Eh, stop pushing leh! Wa Lao weiiii.."

She still acts like an innocent angel. Female dog.
Some idiots will be shouting at people infront to push.. Like what the hell?
Keep on "tsk tsk tsk" until mouth tired. URGH.

okay, my prelims will be ending on wednesday, i'll try to blog if i've got something to blog about.
After that, i'll be having my N-Levels and there it goes..
My blog will be in Away mode again.
oh bother....
I'm scared of n-levels....
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