Movies with Maine & Lene. *updated*

Yesterday night i was watching "Fox and the hound" since i can't sleep.
I think this show is kinda long ago already?
But i still find it nice and touching though, haha. *It's my 3rd time watching it anw..*

"You're my best friend copper(i think thats how it's spelled)"

"And you're my best friend too Tod."

"We'll always be friends forever right?"

"yeah, friends forever...."

The ending..

ok but anw, i'll be watching "Where got ghost, 吓到笑" with my cousin (charmaine and charlene) later on!
Will be meeting them at 2PM then after the movie we'll shop around..
probably bof stuffs for me!
So i'll edit this post after i'm back? Haha.

Some out of topic stuffs
I'm still waiting for my repeat show of "The Halloween"
And Mayyyybe, i'm gonna learn Hangul after my N-Levels with my 2 insane-about-hangul cousins.. Haha! Yeah, it's Charmaine and Charlene.
Well, mayyyyybe..

okay so i did not edit my post ytd because i was tired after i was back
We finished the movie about 4PM+ i guess..
Did not shop for BOF stuffs because i wanted to go their house and some kind of visit their dog?

Their dog is so scary , it looks so cute but once it barks..
Cuteness faded.. Haha! Actually it's still kinda cute, haha.
I reached home about 8PM+? phew..

okay so about the movie, i think it's.. okay? Average?
I got shocked in some parts of the movie.
Especially the darn red fat lady (shall not say much or i'll be a spoiler..)
The volume of the movie is bomblastic and i forgotten to bring my jacket so it was damn cold in there.
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