Happy birthday Sophia!

First thing to start the day: Happy Birthday Sophia!
I should really kill myself for forgetting to wish her in school..

wow, guess many people love the topic about kawaii handphones huh?
Hahahaha, thanks to those people who comment about my entry in the correct place!
Kamsamnida, 감사합니다!

Sorry for not updating about "Teachers' Day"..
I recieved the photos from my friend late and by the time i recieved it, i'm lazy to blog already.. yikeeeeeessss...

I don't really like the stage performances though.
But some were still okay.. yew wei so ke lian(pitiful) uh, must hear groanings from me and merlyn. Hah!
So we start the day with doing exercises? I used to like Aces day when i'm in primary school.
! Let's roll with the pictures!
picture credits to Merlyn

I spotted Haniz behind this picture! He's gonna kill me for putting up in blog if he saw this.. But Liyana is gonna kill me more!

This mad person behind me so hyper.. So Merlyn took a candid shot of him, hahaha!

Surprise gift for Auntie Goh (my poa teacher)
She's so touched that her hair stands. Hah.

More pictures at my Facebook!
But anw, do tell me when you add me, cause i don't add people i don't know.
Mianhamnida, 미안합니다!

& my N-Levels are coming already, so i'll posting/updating lesser.
Maybe i'll be active more in Facebook or Twitter.
There's nothing much in my life nowadays anw! Bah!!

out of topic:
Anyone watched "Love matters" before? I seriously laughed like mad when i saw this part.. it's something like that.

When i pick up my phone.. "Green green.." (ring ring)
I pink (pick) up my phone and say "yellow..?" (hello)
White (what) do you want?
You don't purplely (purposely) call me or
i will not call you black! (back)

I think if you never watch the show, you'll not know what i'm talkin about.
okay, ending here. kthxbye!
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