Randomness strikes.

Today is the worst day back home as my bag is super duperb HEAVY!!
Because we'll be having N-levels on Monday so we have to clear our tables.
Someone lazy like me, would definately leave books under the table.
So yea.. heavy bags home today!

Today's post is gonna be damn random.
So yea, get ready to be randomly attacked.

Qing wants to see my drawing so i'll just show a few of my doodles.

Lisa's doodle book.

Actual piece.

My doodles.

Actual piece.

My doodles.

Left: My doodles, Right: actual piece.

The drawing above is uncomplete.
I'm lazy to draw the background, bahhhhh~

Look at these 2 doggies, so damn cute right!!!!
It's definately a MUST for me to get a dog when i have my own house.
My favourite ones are...

Continental Toy Spaniel

West Highland White Terrier

Ever wonder why the heck do we get hiccups??
I googled it just now so i decided to share with you all.
Since these type of stuffs is kinda interesting huh, hahahaha.

The physical reason we hiccup is due to sudden contractions of muscles used for respiration, specifically to inhale. As the muscles begin to move, the glottis snaps shut and closes off the windpipe, causing the 'hic' noise associated with hiccups.

Source from: here

So how do we cure it?

  • Drink a cup of water, fast.
  • Get shocked.
  • Don't think about it. (which i think it's kinda impossible to not think of it as it's irritating!)
  • Hold your breath.

  • - end of randomness -

    My sims 2 finally stopped lagging!!
    I have to reinstall everything and play from scratch. oh bother..
    Guess i'll end here now and play my facebook.
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