I (L) Daiso.

Yes, the title says it all.
I went to Daiso today.
Well, i can say i really loooove Daiso, so many cute stuffs!
I like one of the panda notepad. *In case you don't know, i love pandaaaaas alot.*
I'll post about Daiso stuffs later on.

Kinda boring. Had 3 periods of geog today, really can die. Slept during the second period. During the third period, i borrowed a book from one guy friend and i think it's kinda interesting.

I have not finished reading it yet!! It's a story about hell, heh.
A divine revelation of hell

Took bus 859 home today with my cousin and something happened.
While in the bus, we smell something really horrible.
Like something burning or something.. It was really horrible that everyone is covering their nose blah blah blah.
I really wanna get down the damn bus.

So when someone got down the bus, they saw smoke coming out from the engine at the back of the bus.
So they're like.. telling everyone to get down in case something happen or something.
& yeah, we got down the bus and the bus driver gave us refund tickets.

But thinking back.. what if we still remain in the bus? The whole bus might bomb or we might die out of breathing in too much poisonous gas yadda yadda yadda...
okay so we went to Sembawang shopping centre and then to daiso.

I bought nothing much actually.
Since i can't find what i want, so i bought fake eyelashes with my cousin.
I don't wanna lag my blog with overloading pictures, so i'll post three only.
Check out my facebook if you wanna see my remaining photos! *remember to tell me if you added me in facebook or else ignored..*

Btw, saw this advertisement yesterday and i think it's kinda cool!
Liese Bubble Hair Colour

Isn't this cool or what! I wanna try! But i gotta wait till my N-levels finish. urggg.. Maybe i'll try it when i go to Thailand this coming november..

I seriously cannnn't wait to go!!!! Because i realised whenever i'm in thailand, my troubles never ever visits me before. it's really goood

One last thing: What's the difference between jungle & forest?? *cracks my brain*
I'm lazy to check the dictionary, tell me pleasezcxsz? :3

kthxbye people!
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