Daiso tmr?

I wish my life can be more interesting..
I'm still going through the same routine!!
And heck, N-levels coming in around 20 days and yes, i can actually predict i'm gonna fail it.

I thought of not going to school today
Because today's lessons are all about self revision , might as well study at home.
And i really jump back to my bed and sleep. But somehow, i got up and change to my uniform
But i don't really regret going to school today because i'm actually having fun laughing with my friends and all.

Schools still okay and i'm currently missing this guy that i've not been talking to him for so long yadda yadda blah blab blab
Ok, bye to topic about school.

I'm thinking of going to Daiso tomorrow.
So if i really did go to Daiso, i'll have something to blog about!!
Let's wait till tomorrow then.

Saw this from a forum.

Why do students fail?

1. Sundays-52, Sundays in a year, you know Sundays are for rest. Days left 313.

2. Summer holidays-50 where weather is very hot and difficult to study. Days left 263.

3. 8 hours daily sleep- 130 days GONE. Days left 141.

4. 1 hour for daily playing- (good for health) means 15 days. Days left 126.

5. 2 hours daily for food & other delicacies (chewing properly & swallowing)-means 30days. Days left 96.

6. 1 hour for talking (man is a social animal)-means 15 days. days left 81.

7. Exam days- per year at least 35 days. Days left 46.

8. Quarterly, Half yearly and festival (holidays)-40 days.Balance 6 days.

9. For sickness- at least 3 days. Remaining days=3.

10. Movies and functions - at least 2 days. 1 day left.

11. That 1 day is your birthday.

How can you study on that day??????!!!!!!!!!!
Balance = 0

"How can a student pass ??"

ok, it's kinda nonsensical but it's quite a funny excuse huh.

Lastly, to this dear curious person whose email is love_power something something blah blah which i don't even wanna remember your email..
Yes, you're right, i deleted you from my MSN.
Just wanna say this to you which i forgotten to tell you ytd before i deleted you..

oh too bad, you've found the wrong target to talk with.

I'm gonna be active in my facebook now!
Catch me there! kthxbye.
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