Graduation day and rantings

*Turning back the time to wednesday*

Hello readers, today is wednesday! Tsk, okay i don't have a time machine like doraemon does...

I did not blog yesterday because i'm still waiting for my friends to send me all the pictures and so. so yea..
I don't really know whats with graduation day since we're not really counted as graduated yet..

Actually there's nothing much about yesterday..
The good thing is, we can party and relax during the holidays!!
But the bad point is after our holidays some of us have to face our horrific results.. okay screw that..

Took quite a few pictures with my friends, and as usual i will only post

some and the rest just check out my facebook.
*Get my facebook link in my profile, MUST tell me when you add me.*
And oh btw, i still have not approved some friend requests in my facebook.

Because i don't really know them erm yea..

me and Nat snapping pictures all the way..

I hate going up to the stage , it's really scary how millions and zillions of eyes staring at you. aishhh.. exaggerating... *spot me*

My cousin took a candid photo of me again!! Must watch out for her the next time her hands are holding onto spy cameras.

Another topic

Gahhh!!!! screw my sister's school!!! I can't go back to Thailand all because of my sister!! Her school ends on November and so do our trip to thailand..

I've been wanting to go back to thailand but now it's all canceled!!! aish!!!!!
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