out with sophia

while i was about to post, i realise for 2 counting years, i still have not posted 200 entries!! how unactive am i..

It's gonna be a short entry here.

okay i know i posted yesterday that i will blog on wednesday but guess what?
I met up with Sophia today! and yes.. It's sophia from elmera-x3, my cyberfriend

which could also be some of you out there's cyberfriend

I was kind of teaching her a few questions, i seriously can't believe i'm teaching someone the subject that i hate the most. MATHES. oh well...

I was really choosy about the pictures we took so we have to keep taking and taking..
Finally there's one that my hair isnt that messy!

Reached home around 7pm it was really fun laughing with her and all.

okay, i'm lazy to continue anything now, i'm so lazy to go back to school tmr either!! gahhhh!

Currently waiting for jays to reply my email, hopefully she'll reply soon
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